Feeding Strays

Feeding Strays: Nourishing Lives, Nurturing Hope

At Vatika Animal Sanctuary, we understand the vital role nutrition plays in the lives of stray animals. Our commitment to animal welfare extends to the hungry and homeless strays in our community.

Sponsor One Day Meal

Sponsor One Day Meal at Vatika Animal Sanctuary for Rs. 2000! Celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or business milestones by sponsoring a day’s meal in your loved ones’ honor. Plus, enjoy a heartwarming ‘Thank You’ video on our Instagram page, if you choose!

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They Need Your Help!

They Need Your Help!


Virtual Adoption of a special need dog means giving lifelong support to a rescued dog in our care.


Your donations help in rescue, treatment, rehabilitation & spay/neuter of homeless animals.

A Chance for Every Paw

With your help, we can provide shelter, food, and medical care to animals in need. Together, let’s give the injured stray a safe home.

Their Second Chance Starts with You

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