Animal Sanctuary

Restoring Hope: Vatika Animal Sanctuary, Chandkhuri, Raipur

Paralysis doesn’t just break bones; it shatters spirits. After years of planning and four years of relentless paperwork, we secured this sanctuary, relocating over 50 disabled animals to its 2.5-acre expanse. Now, in our 2nd PHASE, we’re constructing more shelters to aid the sick and vulnerable. Your support is crucial in building a haven for all animals in need.

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They Need Your Help!

They Need Your Help!


Virtual Adoption of a special need dog means giving lifelong support to a rescued dog in our care.


Your donations help in rescue, treatment, rehabilitation & spay/neuter of homeless animals.

A Chance for Every Paw

With your help, we can provide shelter, food, and medical care to animals in need. Together, let’s give the injured stray a safe home.

Their Second Chance Starts with You

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